You Are A Role Model

I remember when Charle’s Barkley was getting crucified by the press. “I am not a role model!” He said. I remember thinking, that’s fair. He’s a basketball player. Just because he plays a sport he loves doesn’t mean he should be held to any special standard. I laugh now thinking back on this. How could he not be a role model? When you have millions of eyes staring at you, you have no choice but to be a role model. It’s simply a matter of what kind of role model you will be.

The truth is, even though we are not famous we are still role models, regardless of whether or not we have children. As adults we are constantly modeling the behavior that we deem acceptable. The next generation models what we do to the tee. Then they get creative and outdo us. As parents we so often think that it’s fine for us to do whatever we want while expecting something different from our children. “Do as I say, not as I do.” This was the theme in many of the homes we grew up in. Unfortunately for parents it just doesn’t work like that. Sure kids will do what you say when you’re around, but what are they doing when you’re not looking. Often times when we find our kids doing as we do and not as we say, we dispense the rod. Negative reinforcement becomes the norm as opposed to an occasional necessity. If we are going to pass on the lessons and the behaviors that we say we want to see out of them, than we all need to take a look in the mirror as parents. We can demand and expect the best of our children, but we will never get it as long as we do not demand the best out of ourselves.

Make today your best day, so we can create a beautiful tomorrow for the next generation.

Catch you on the flip!


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