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KAD 202 – The Power Of Attention & Awareness – Michael Mataluni


Join Michael as he returns for a solo piece about the power of Attention & Awareness. We live in an entertainment and consumption driven society. The problem is that our current societal compulsion is leaving people empty and depressed. How

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KAD 170 – Violence In Schools – Greatness Coaching Sessions

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Jay and Michael take a deep dive into the weekly topic of violence in schools. As always Jay brings extraordinary insights and some excellent questions to the table. How do we raise our kids above the violence in our society.

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KAD 168 – Full Circle talks video games


In this episode of the Full Circle, Chris Eischen sits down with Kristin and Michael Mataluni to discuss violence in todays society. Is video games at the root of the problem or a symtom of what our society has become?

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KAD 129 – Jam Session – Polyamorous Relationships


In this episode…things heat up when the conversation, with a special guest, involves Polyamorous relationships and discussing whether they can work or not. They transition the relationship talk into whether or not married woman are off limits? You may be

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KAD 105 FULL CIRCLE on Perception and Perspective


In this episode of the Full Circle Chris Eischen discusses some issues he had with his son and how different perspectives got his son a detention. In this episode he plays a TED TALK with Rory Sutherland that gives examples

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