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KAD 70 – 5 Steps to Happiness – Full Circle with Chris


Chris & I discuss the 5 steps to create true happiness in your life. Money, Power, & Respect are all fine and good but those things should come from true happiness not necessary to having it. We have confused the

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KAD 214 – Take Your Life Back – Avatar


Michael is attending The Avatar Course this week. In this abridged episode Michael shares the basic philosophy of the personal development workshop. How do our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts create the very reality we experience? Are you ready for a

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KAD 209 – Here Comes Trobo – Inventor Jeremy Scheinberg


Jeremy is the co-inventor of TROBO, the adorable, soft plush robot that takes your child on an educational journey through time and space. Enjoy Jeremy story of how he is bringing his dream to life alongside his wife and children.

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KAD 205 – Real Iron Dad – Cory Warren


Michael interviews Cory Warren from Real Iron Dad. Cory is an Iron Dad, blogger, and Kick Ass Dad. Cory & Michael discuss health, relationships, and being a modern dad. This guy kicks ass!!!

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KAD 163 – Jam Session – Blended Families


Sam, our resident step dad and expert on the blended family, joins Brandon and David to discuss what the trials and triumphs have been when it comes to getting hitched to someone that already has kids; over coming and winning

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KAD 156 – Silly Mommy Luni – Kristin Mataluni

daily rant

My lovely wife shares her experience in publishing her first novel Woven. Not only that but she has released her first Podcast called Your Daily Rant with Silly Mommy Luni. Join us as we pick Kristin’s brain about how she

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KAD 115 – Aaron Kennard – Truly Amazing Life

Aaron Kennard

Aaron Kennard raises the rally cry to all who are ready to live a Truly Amazing Life to stand up. Join together. Continue to take a stand for yourself. For the sake of your life, that precious gift, that we

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KAD 112 – Laurie Weaver


Mike and Laurie Weaver discuss the wonder that is the baby boomer and what it is to guide them too happiness in their retirement years. Laurie walks us through the beautiful journey from being a teacher, to being a leader

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KAD 110 – The Good Dad Project – Larry Hagner


The Good Dad Project is a movement. It is a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone.The mission of

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