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KAD 222 – What the World Needs Now – Mastermind Sessions


Michael, Becky, and Chris discuss the state of the world and ask a very interesting question of themselves. What does the world need and want that we can provide. As the conversation unfolds, the groups finds common ground and understanding

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KAD 190 – The Anderson Family Mastermind – Luke Anderson


Join Michael and Luke as they discuss the Family Mastermind. Luke is living proof of how lifestyle design works for the entire family. Take note of the realities behind lifestyle design and how it is not all peaches and roses.

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KAD 189 – Ask The Greatness Coach – The Family Mastermind


So sorry for the delay. We got our wires crossed a bit this week. Our topic of the week is about The Family Mastermind. In this episode Michael and Jay discuss what The Family Mastermind is and how we leverage

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