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KAD 60 – Full Circle with Chris Eischen #4

Chris and I discuss the power of being present. Our kids seem to know exactly how to drive us crazy even when we are doing our best to stay above the line. How can we learn from our missteps in

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KAD 58 – The Greatness Conversations with Jay Forte #1

These conversations are about how to help ourselves and our families step up and be Great. Average is not for us. This time has come to step up and embrace our unique gifts and show up to the world the

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KAD 57 – Jam Sessions with David & Brandon #4

We get the perspective of two single dad’s who are making sense of a volatile world. Being a great parent is a challenge. We all come from different places and perspectives. It’s not until we can share a good laugh

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KAD 56 – Full Circle with Chris & Mike

Great session with Chris today. We discuss the power of staying present and how that models behaviors for our kids. Chris & I come full circle on some listener feedback and share personal stories of how our experiences and actions

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KAD 55 – Pamela DeNeuve – Stop Self Sabotaging

Pamela is an amazing writer, leader, and speaker. She has raised two children as a single mom. Her struggles have been huge, yet she chose to lean into the fear and take action. She is currently completing her book about

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KAD 54 – Jam Sessions with Brandon & David

We get down to basics when it comes the difference between over parenting and under parenting. Have we gone off the deep end in this country with an everybody gets a trophy mentality? Can we do a better job of

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KAD 52 – Full Circle with Chris Eischen

Welcome to the Full Circle with Chris Eischen. In this segment Chris is going to be working with the KAD community to present a weekly practice. Each week Chris will be asking for your feedback about how it went. Don’t

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KAD 40 – David Wood – Transform Your World

David Wood has developed world-class personal development training programs that have impacted hundreds of thousands of people. He is a Business Leader, Author, Trainer and Humanitarian who has lived, traveled and worked in over 50 countries. He brings his passion

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KAD 38 – Restoring Faith in Humanity

As we look at the world around us, it’s difficult not to be strewn into a mental narrative of negativity. People can be selfish, egotistical, greedy, & mean. If we live our lives from the outside in, then we become

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