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KAD 40 – David Wood – Transform Your World


David Wood has developed world-class personal development training programs that have impacted hundreds of thousands of people. He is a Business Leader, Author, Trainer and Humanitarian who has lived, traveled and worked in over 50 countries. He brings his passion

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KAD 70 – 5 Steps to Happiness – Full Circle with Chris


Chris & I discuss the 5 steps to create true happiness in your life. Money, Power, & Respect are all fine and good but those things should come from true happiness not necessary to having it. We have confused the

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KAD 164 – Stop Saying No! – Champions For Life

linked arms

We discuss the idea of discipline and guidance from a completely new paradigm. What if their were a positive way to help children show up to the world. What if fear and shame parenting were a misguided attempt to get

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KAD 156 – Silly Mommy Luni – Kristin Mataluni

daily rant

My lovely wife shares her experience in publishing her first novel Woven. Not only that but she has released her first Podcast called Your Daily Rant with Silly Mommy Luni. Join us as we pick Kristin’s brain about how she

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KAD VLOG 1 – Passion for Life

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KAD 65 – In the Trenches with Amanda #1

Amanda Carter Lesak and I discuss the everyday trials of raising balanced kids. Amanda is the mother of four children ages, 3 months to 10 years old. We discuss everything from bedtime best practice to discipline and punishment. She is

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KAD 64 – JAM Session #5 David, Brandon, Michael, and Ebony

In this JAM session the group talks about going through custody battles and what emotions we experience in these situations.  Is it better to pay a large support check and be less involved in our kids lives? Do we leave

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KAD 63 – Full Circle with Chris Eischen #5

Amazing conversation with Chris today about everything from the Crusades to our week with our kids. Whenever I get Chris around, everything just seems to come full circle. This weeks practice is about CHOICE. Which one’s are actually yours? Kick

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KAD 62 – Family Wellness with Swami Sadashiva

I met Swamiji at the Quantum Leap Seminar with Steve Harrison. What an amazing man. Swamiji practices Aryuvedic medicine and holistic wellness, he is also an author and keynote speaker/facilitator. He has spoken at the White House Commission on Complementary

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KAD 61 – The Surrendered Wife – Laura Doyle

Laura Doyle is a radio talk show host and The New York Times best-selling author of The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single and Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand. Her books have been translated into 15 languages

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