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KAD 218 – Jam Session – Lessons Learned (slow down)

lessons learned

I TOLD YOU SO! The thing you want to tell your kid more often than not…BUT don’t. And we do so in the spirit of teaching life lessons to our kids. Dave and Brandon are back at it again discussing

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KAD 208 – Jam Session – Where are my pants?


Where did I leave my pants…and who’s supposed to wear them anyway! Dave and BA dive into the age old question: Who wears the pants in a relationship, and why? Does it have to do with who brings in the

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KAD 163 – Jam Session – Blended Families


Sam, our resident step dad and expert on the blended family, joins Brandon and David to discuss what the trials and triumphs have been when it comes to getting hitched to someone that already has kids; over coming and winning

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KAD 117 – Jam Session – Rules for Gizmo


D & B discuss “The Rules” …the guys read some Facebook and social media postings that give bad advice to good women about how great men should act. They bring a different spin on the, very shallow, words that miss

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KAD 114 – Jam Session – Clinical Vs Primal Parenting


Dave and Brandon explore the instinctual vs. clinical aspects of raising a kid. There are so many experts out there, which one knows what they are talking about? Or could it be YOU are the expert in your household and

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KAD 64 – JAM Session #5 David, Brandon, Michael, and Ebony

In this JAM session the group talks about going through custody battles and what emotions we experience in these situations.  Is it better to pay a large support check and be less involved in our kids lives? Do we leave

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KAD 54 – Jam Sessions with Brandon & David

We get down to basics when it comes the difference between over parenting and under parenting. Have we gone off the deep end in this country with an everybody gets a trophy mentality? Can we do a better job of

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