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KAD 70 – 5 Steps to Happiness – Full Circle with Chris


Chris & I discuss the 5 steps to create true happiness in your life. Money, Power, & Respect are all fine and good but those things should come from true happiness not necessary to having it. We have confused the

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KAD 213 – Full Circle talks about foundations


Every time I turn on the TV it seems there is something trying to scare the crap out of me. Another health epidemic or terrorist threat that I need to be aware of. What kind of perspective is that to

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KAD 179 – Full Circle talks self discovery as parents


In this episode Chris Eischen talks about his journey of self discovery and some ways to move towards a happier life. He challenges listeners to find new material on personal growth and impliment it into thier lives. For him it

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KAD 159 – Jam Sessions – Starting A Movement


The Kick Ass Dad’s are asked what it feels like to “start a movement”. This is a tough question to answer considering this is a global podcast. How do you take an idea to action and manage expectations and results.

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KAD 148 – Full Circle goes into Daily Practice

Keeping score

Chris Eischen has Michael Mataluni on this weeks show to discuss how important and impactful daily practices can be. In the Oxygen Mask that we are creating as parents there must be a right and a wrong way and they

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KAD 134 – Full Circle is Dreaming


In this episode Chris Eischen explores the American Dream and where it has gone wrong. What we resist persists. We cant purchase happiness, it is something that grows when fed the right things.

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KAD 122 – Full Circles Happy Days with Chris EIschen


In this episode Chris discusses what Happiness is to him and what an ideal and happy life looks like to him. You will also hear a TED TALK with Shawn Achor that gives a more real world application for happiness

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