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KAD 157 – Passionately Pam – What Kids Can Teach Parents


In this weeks episode of Passionately Pam she discusses the lessons we can learn form our little ones about being who we truly are without self judgement. The greatest health and wellness comes from self love and sometimes there is

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KAD 63 – Full Circle with Chris Eischen #5

Amazing conversation with Chris today about everything from the Crusades to our week with our kids. Whenever I get Chris around, everything just seems to come full circle. This weeks practice is about CHOICE. Which one’s are actually yours? Kick

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KAD 53 – Full Circle and Mind Separation

This weeks practice is being aware of our thoughts and emotions. How can we start choosing how we see things instead of living life in a reactionary way? This is a building block to a stronger sense of awareness. In

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