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KAD 207 – First Things First – Papa Bill


In this episode Michael speaks with Papa Bill about marriage, work, and disciplining children. Bill is a student of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He has managed a highly successful business, while nurturing his marriage, and raising children.

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KAD 206 – FULL CIRCLE wears the pants


In this episode of the Full Circle, Chris Eischen discusses the roles of parents as the pants that we wear. What roles fit you best? Discipline, Nurturing, Supportive, Educational, and even house hold chores all fall into parental responsibilities. In

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KAD 201 – FULL CIRCLE talks about mistakes


In this episode Chris Eischen talks about the mistakes our kids make and how we react to them. Could our own behavior be effecting the action of our children? When our kids make mistakes how is it that we react?

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KAD 191 – Jam Session – Cracking the Whip on Effective Discipline


David and Brandon use their classic style to talk about disciplining our kids. They discuss how discipline molded them to be the men they are today, how they take the value from the “village” of the past and combine it

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KAD 164 – Stop Saying No! – Champions For Life

linked arms

We discuss the idea of discipline and guidance from a completely new paradigm. What if their were a positive way to help children show up to the world. What if fear and shame parenting were a misguided attempt to get

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KAD 108 Discipline goes Full Circle with Chris Eischen


In this episode Chris shares some personal history as it relates to Discipline. He shares some of his past and how he raised two step children and the difficulties of disciplining them. Chris also hits on other types of disciplines

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KAD 106 – Jam Session – Child Discipline


Dave and Brandon discuss disciplining children and how the practices of old are not what is done in today’s PC environment. Are we too soft on our kids these days? Are there alternative methods to get your kids to do

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KAD 65 – In the Trenches with Amanda #1

Amanda Carter Lesak and I discuss the everyday trials of raising balanced kids. Amanda is the mother of four children ages, 3 months to 10 years old. We discuss everything from bedtime best practice to discipline and punishment. She is

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