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KAD 178 – Jam Session – Custody Gone ‘Right’


Dave and Brandon discuss some of the correct ways that dads can protect themselves when it comes to custody. They give some personal accounts on how the system worked, and did not work for them. Oh,and don’t hit a woman.

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KAD 177 – Interview with attorney Wendy Hernandez


Our Kick Ass Dad, Chris Eischen, was going through some personal issues from his divorce and the child custody times that the court set up during the divorce. In this episode he sits down with Wendy Hernandez to really get

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KAD 64 – JAM Session #5 David, Brandon, Michael, and Ebony

In this JAM session the group talks about going through custody battles and what emotions we experience in these situations.  Is it better to pay a large support check and be less involved in our kids lives? Do we leave

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