KAD 225 – Full Circle and Power Thoughts

brain power

Chris Eischen discusses the power of thought.  How can what you think about manifest into reality?  Is it possible to imagine the relationship you want with your kids and it become a reality?  Chris shares some of his experiences and how the use of positive thinking has brought him closer to the life of his dreams.

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KAD 224 – Jam Session – That First Step


We’ve got a live one! How does one take the first step? And once we figure that out…how do we teach that dynamic to our peers and ultimately to our kids. Dave and Brandon go over some anecdotal tales of what it took for them. AND the Wagner Rules are introduced to the world…oh boy!

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KAD 223 – Be You – with Michael


In this episode Michael discusses the power of authenticity. How many amazing journeys have you missed because you were afraid of what other people were going to think of you. Most people live lives of quiet desperation. Are you ready to live a life of loud expression? All aboard!

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KAD 222 – What the World Needs Now – Mastermind Sessions


Michael, Becky, and Chris discuss the state of the world and ask a very interesting question of themselves. What does the world need and want that we can provide. As the conversation unfolds, the groups finds common ground and understanding in how they see themselves and their relationship to the world. If we are to pave a path for a new generation, we must do it from within.

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KAD 221 – Full Circle talks Changes


This episode is based around a quote by Jim Rohn. “Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Chris Eischen discusses changes he has made in his life that has gotten him to the point he is today, and looking at changes he made in his past that didnt allow change in his life to happen. What is the outcome when you change inwardly as opposed to changing situationally?

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KAD 220 – Zen Awareness with Michael


When life gives you lemons.. flip the script! How many preconceived notions do we allow to rule our lives? How many old beliefs, ideas, and attitudes do we carry from generation to generation? What if our consciousness was being ruled by a misinformed ego? There are many ways that we can take our lives back. Michael shares a few that he is aware of.

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KAD 219 – Full Circle sits down with Becky


Becky has been a long time listener to the show and shares often on how it helps her. Chris Eischen sits down with her in this episode of the Full Circle to see what parts of the Oxygen Mask help her show up each day as a single mother of three and a entrepreneur. Running the Doggie Spa in Green Bay, Wisconsin, takes a lot of patience and is quite a balancing act with three kids to support as well.

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KAD 218 – Jam Session – Lessons Learned (slow down)

lessons learned

I TOLD YOU SO! The thing you want to tell your kid more often than not…BUT don’t. And we do so in the spirit of teaching life lessons to our kids. Dave and Brandon are back at it again discussing how to handle when our little ones injure themselves and how they are strong little troopers despite bumps and bruises.

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KAD 217 – Reflections of Ourselves – with Michael


In this episode Michael discusses the power of personal reflection. Too what extend do our children reflect our own behaviors? How do we become more aware of our own reactions? Can we raise a new generation that can produce a peaceful, abundant society? Join Michael as he attempts to shift the very nature of personal understanding and human evolution.

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KAD 216 – Full Circle makes a decision

who what where

This Monday episode of the Full Circle, Chris Eischen talks about making decisions. How it is up to us to decide what we are looking for in life and make a plan to achieve it. If we want a better relationship with our kids we need to first take a look at ourselves to make we are making ourselves available and open to them. It is easy for us as parents to TELL our kids what to do and how to act. Its much harder for us to show them how to make those decisions for themselves. This weeks challenge is to put on you Oxygen Mask and decide what your looking to create in your life.

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