Our Global Purpose 

  • Unite parents, advocates, teachers, & mentors around the world through honest communication, compassion, & unconditional love. It is only by embracing and truly living these values, that we can turn this world around and give our children the future they deserve.
  • It is by discovering ourselves and embracing our own unique passion, potential, & purpose that we can become the people that our children will truly admire.
  • Kick Ass Dad is proud to offer Greatness Coaching to help parents achieve their Greatest Dreams in order to model a truly beautiful life for their children.

Organize the Movement 

  • It is our goal here at Kick Ass Dad to galvanize parents, advocates, & mentors to become a movement that raises awareness to the necessity to breathe compassion & opportunity into the next generation.
  • We will create organizations that make local impact and put real money in people’s pockets. We can do this by developing sustainable community centers that teach creativity and art as well as urban agriculture.
  • We can sell food to local restaurants and markets, organize arts fairs, and visit schools and prisons. We can teach sustainable agricultural and personal skills as we share our art and music. It is through the transformative and inspiring power of helping others, leveraging creativity, and sharing art that we create lasting impacts on the people we touch, and the societies they create.

Create Community Centers

  • It is critical to actively support the poor and at risk youth of this country and the world. Only by getting our hands dirty and getting children into safe places can we begin to leverage the talents of the most awe inspiring resource we have, the minds of our children.
  • I am currently launching a community garden here in my own neighborhood in order to take small action so that I can begin to act locally in order to think globally.
  • We can unite interested parties by speaking the language of food; the most inclusive language in all of humanity. We will document our journey and tell our message to the people who need it the most, so that we may inspire, inquire, and grow.
  • These Centers will help fund themselves and be supported by private philanthropist. Our centers will introduce children cutting edge online education, local agriculture and sustainable living. We will teach them skills to be self-reliant, productive members of society. Paid advocates & volunteers will teach dance, music, art & agriculture. It is, to give the best part of society and culture back to the people who need it most. The people who need to know there is hope and a way. A way, that is bright and vivid, and does not rely on a need to take away from others.

Make to today your best day, so we can create a beautiful tomorrow for our children.



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