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Anger Comes From Pain


Yesterday, I stubbed my toe fabulously. Took half of the sucker off on rough concrete. It sucked. My automatic reaction to the pain was anger. I had to tell my kids to get into the car while I sat in

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Doing Less & More

       I’m not actually talking about doing less as much as buying less. In the beginning of the Christmas season again this year, I told myself that we are going to tone it down big time. Our kids

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20 Things…to do with kids over the Holidays


My idea is to come up with some things that are not crazily expensive and possibly a little unique. It is always hard to enjoy the season as busy as it gets, but we try our best. 1.     Take a

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Twenty Things…Our parents did that we don’t.


  Twenty Things…Our parents did that we don’t.     I absolutely believe in progress. The world is becoming a better place each and every day. There are, however, some behaviors we have let go of that I believe we

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You Are A Role Model

I remember when Charle’s Barkley was getting crucified by the press. “I am not a role model!” He said. I remember thinking, that’s fair. He’s a basketball player. Just because he plays a sport he loves doesn’t mean he should

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