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KAD 234 – Big Boys DO Cry

man cry

In this episode Michael and Chris discuss the impact that society has on the emotional development of boys. What is the long term impact on boys who are taught to ignore their most human nature… feeling. This conversation evolves into

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get real

In light of his sons 14th birthday Chris Eischen discusses some of his trials and fears of fatherhood.  Looking back to the day his son was born and all the transformations he has gone through to be the best dad

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Michael Mataluni and Chris Eischen sit down to catch up and discuss some of the things that have been happening lately.  They discuss working on the daily practices of the Oxygen Mask and Present Parenting and its effects.  How do

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KAD 70 – 5 Steps to Happiness – Full Circle with Chris


Chris & I discuss the 5 steps to create true happiness in your life. Money, Power, & Respect are all fine and good but those things should come from true happiness not necessary to having it. We have confused the

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KAD 231 – Full Circle Revelations


In this episode Chris Eischen talks about his experince at a church bible study and the ideas layed out in the book of Revelations.  Is the world predeterminded to end in some horrible way?  Do we have the power to

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KAD 230 – Jam Session – Can We Be Everybody All the Time?


We can’t be everything to everybody…or you’ll lose your mind! Much like a significant other, or spouse, shouldn’t think you need to fulfill every need that you can think of…we shouldn’t put ourselves in a position for our kids to

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KAD 229 – Holistic Healing – Shelyn Somani


Michael speaks with Medical Practitionaer Shelyn Somani. Somani believes an integrated approach to wellness is necessary for good health. The Eastern medicine she has introduced into her practice at Northwest Wellness Center, including acupuncture and meditation, has provided her with

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KAD 228 – Full Circle goes to the principles office


In this Full Circle Chris Eischen sits down with his daughters elementary school principal to discuss a program he started in his school. D.A.D.S.- dads of academically dedicated students- was formed out of a desire to see men more active

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KAD 227 – Movember State of Mind PSA


Please donate to Men’s Health at and look up Team Name: Movember State of Mind and support research to better understand men’s mental health, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Thank you BA

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KAD 226 – Be You – with Michael


In this episode Michael discusses the power of authenticity. How many amazing journeys have you missed because you were afraid of what other people were going to think of you. Most people live lives of quiet desperation. Are you ready

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